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EMI Online Model Organization – State

The EMI Online Model Organization for State Government provides users with a series of guidelines to follow when setting up EMI Online. The guidelines include group structure, sharing policies, and user access rights.

Executive Dashboard

The Executive Dashboard is a configuration of EMI Online and a JavaScript application used by government leaders to proactively view critical metrics, identify trends, raise questions, and devise new management strategies. It supports statewide efforts to increase accountability and transparency in government, and with the citizens they serve.

Aggregate Address Information

Community Addresses can be used by organizations to aggregate authoritative address data and deliver focused maps and locators to key stakeholders.

Aggregate Parcel Information

Community Parcels can be used to enable organizations to aggregate authoritative parcel data and property information to deliver focused parcel maps to key stakeholders.

Simply Discover Maps and Apps

The Maps and Apps Gallery application is a simple way for citizens to discover your publicly available maps and apps.