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Foundational Solutions

Use this collection of services and maps to get started with ArcGIS for Water Utilities.




Maintain Utility Assets

Maintain Utility Assets

Use this collection of editing maps to maintain comprehensive water distribution, sewer, and storm water records.



Emergency Response

Respond to Emergencies

Use this collection of maps and apps to support your utility during an emergency.




Infrastructure Planning

Improve Infrastructure Planning

Use this collection of maps and apps to plan, coordinate, and communicate capital improvement projects.



Customer Connection

Connect with Customers

Use this collection of maps and apps to provide detailed information about maintenance activities, and empower customers to improve the quality of water utility services in their community.


Field Operations

Optimize Field Operations

This collection of maps and apps can be used by field operations and maintenance staff in a water utility to gain access to utility information and conduct inspections.



Water Conservation

Improve Water Conservation

Use this collection of maps and apps to promote public water restrictions, capture water violations, and enhance green infrastructure programs.



Spatialize System

Spatialize Your System Data

Use this collection of maps and apps to visualize information managed in a utility’s diverse business system.



Water Loss Analysis

Enhance Your Water Loss Analysis

Use this collection of maps and apps to aid in identifying areas of high water loss.




Water Inventory Reports

Generate Water Reports

The Water Inventory Report application can be used to create map-based reports for your service area.



Pressure Zone Analysis

The Pressure Zone Analysis solution can be used to discover and share areas of concern for potential low or no water pressure.



Hydrant Inspection

Support Fire Services

The Fire Flow Hydrant Inspection map can be used by fire personnel to ensure every fire hydrant in a district performs properly and reliably, when an emergency occurs.